Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watch out Blog World, Here I Come

Well, ok, it won't be as dramatic as all that.  But I was so excited to find a whole world of people who quilt, and who love the process as much as I do.  I never thought I would start a blog, so this is a big step for me.  Computers turn me off at times because they can be impersonal.  However, I have been so impressed with the blogs I have been seeing, I thought I would give it a try.  I also cannot believe all the give-aways... there are some really generous people out there.  I am glad to be part of this.  It is like getting a quilting magazine in the mail every day.

Right now I am working on quite a few quilts.  I am making a large block Hex quilt, I am having a hard time getting the hexagon sides to lay flat. This is the first time I have tried set in seams.   Also, I stubbornly decided to do a template instead of using the English piecing method, so as of this AM I was thoroughly stuck on how to get one of the half hex blocks to work ( I can't get the middle parallelogram piece to stop being shorter than the sides.  On the big blocks there is a full hexagon in the middle, on these pieces just a half hexagon).  However, as luck would have it, I had an epiphany in the shower this morning (again not as exciting as one would think) that I should add an entire hexagon to the half, similar to how I did the full blocks,  and then cut the extra off.  That makes total sense to me. (But probably not to anyone else.) I am also working on a Halloween quilt, a Bubbles quilt, and I have a Yo Yo quilt in  mind .  I found some yo-yos at an antique shop and so I triumphantly carried the five plastic baggies full to the front, convinced someone would snatch them from me. No one did.  So, I don't actually have to make the yo yos.  Yo Yo's look a tad fussy to me.  So now I can use someone elses.  Whoo-hoo!
Anyway, I am excited to start blogging and I hope to figure out how to post pictures of my projects soon.   Let me know if any of you out there have also had some quilting epiphanies lately!